FBC Youth

We strive to connect youth to Christ through His word, community, and spirit. We hope that doing so will help youth encounter Christ in a way that helps them share Christ's love with their family, friends, and all they encounter. 

For information on what is currently happening in Madison FBC's youth ministry check this page often or reach out to us using our online connect card. 

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what we're Teaching

Whether the cause is a radioactive spider bite or a nuclear explosion, every superhero has an origin story — a moment when they begin to discover how they're uniquely equipped to help save the world. You probably don't have the power of flight or the ability to shoot energy beams out of your fists, but in this 4-week series you'll see that you have the potential to help save the world too, when you embrace who God made you to be, care for the people in front of you, rely on your team, and are heroic in ordinary situations.

You can download this series devotional by clicking on the image below.

Parent resource of the month

What do superheroes, virtual reality, cosplay, wizards, video games, and cosplay have in common? They're all nerdy things your teenager might be into — but that you don't know much about. But don't worry! The folks at Love Thy Nerd have plenty of resources to help you get in the know.

Visit their website by clicking on the image below.