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Thank you for serving in this incredible and vital role within our church. Connection groups are the fundamental way we see our church becoming growing disciples of Christ. Our church's mission is to connect people to God through His Word, Spirit, and Community. We see this modeled in Acts chapter 2, verses 42-47. We hope that connection groups will become like the community in this scripture. We hope connection groups become the following.

  • Families that share life and support each other. 
  • Families that help each other grow in their relationship with God. 
  • Families that share the Gospel message and God's love with the community. 
  • Families unified with our congregation and the global church (reason for sermon-based curriculum). 

We believe the key to this is our leaders fostering and nurturing this type of environment in their groups. It means your goal is more than bible study for knowledge. It also means your goal is more than fellowship for fun. It is to create a space for a Christ-centered family to develop. It means some weeks will require more study and less fellowship; at other times, the inverse will be true. It will need you as the leader to be on a healthy path of spiritual growth to know how to listen to the spirit guiding you in these decisions weekly. To help you with this, we have given you the following tools. 

  • Access to teaching resources
  • Coaching
  • Prayer

As your group's spiritual leader, you will set the tone and environment for your connection group. Every time we have an on-ramp, you need to take time to re-establish the group's vision and establish everyone's expectations. It ensures everyone knows the expectations and is prepared to help the group succeed.

Please go over the following things every time there is an on-ramp.

  • The vision for connection groups (shared above).
  • The importance of committing to meet for the next six weeks as a family. 
  • The when and where your group will be meeting.
  • The importance of completing our homework each week before our gathering (be sure to define what the homework will be). 
  • The expectations for the food (Determine what food will be provided and who will provide it). 
  • The expectations for children (Determine if they are allowed or child care is necessary  if so determine and define the arrangements).
  • How your group will share God's message and love with the community (try to do something at least twice a year).

A note about off ramps. 

Each time there is an off-ramp, we ask you to have your group take the Connection Group Survey (linked below). It helps our leaders and hosts improve each of our group's experiences.

A note of encouragement.

It might seem daunting, but we are here to support you and know God will guide you in becoming the connection group leader your group needs if you have any questions feel free to reach out to our pastoral staff at any time.

Section Title

Below you will find the tools mentioned above for connection group leaders. 

  • Text or call Josh at 317 762 4929 to schedule a meeting with one of our staff.

  • Text or call Josh at 317 762 4929 to share prayer requests with our staff.

  • Share the following link with your connection group at the conclusion of each connection group semester (on every sixth week). 


  • Sermon Based

    • On Ramp 1 - August 21

    • Off Ramp 1 - September 26

    • On Ramp 2 - October 2

    • Off Ram 2 - November 6

    Group Choice

    You are welcome to choose any study or continue using the provided LifeWay Explore the Bible curriculum. 

    • On Ramp 3 - November 13

    • Off Ramp 3 - December 18

    • Christmas Break - December 25 through January 8

    • On Ramp 4 - January 15

    • Off Ramp 4 - February 19

    • On Ramp 5 - February 26

    • Off Ramp 5 - April 2

    • On Ramp 6 - April 9

    • Off Ramp 6 - May 14

    Summer Break

    • Starting May 21

      • Group gathering for fellowship encouraged.

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