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Scripture Reading Luke 15

Reflection Questions

  • Am I more like the Pharisee or the Tax collector?
  • How much do I show my care for those outside my circle?

Study Questions

  1. We sing songs about how Jesus left the ninety-nine to save us, the one, what does that mean for you? 
  2. We often see the story of the prodigal son as simply a story of love and forgiveness forgetting it was a response to Pharisees seeing Jesus eat with sinners and tax collectors. Are you able to identify the characters and their counterparts in real life? Which characters in the parable are the characters in the scene eating and talking with Jesus? 
  3. We often identify with the prodigal son but is there any part of you that can identify with the older brother? How?

Application Question

  1. The older brother was afraid of loosing what inheritance was left. Do we ever feel like some don't deserve God's grace (that they are too far gone or sinful)? 
  2. How can we battle the tendency to want to include only those like us in our lives and faith? 
  3. How can we choose to embrace God's grace for everyone? 

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