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Please pray for Jennifer Monroe (6 pack mom). Besides her stroke in November and trying to figure out her "new normal", she recently had a tooth abscess and is struggling to regain health.


Please pray for our daughter's close friend, Ron Richards, that she works with in Indianapolis. He has had heart issues and is now off of life support.


Please be praying for my childhood friend Eddy Medina. He is in a hospital in Charlestown, SC dealing with Covid. The family was told he had only 30 minutes to live on Tuesday, due to his vitals dropping, but now he is slowly improving. Its the first improvement he has shown in a month. - Randy


Would like to put Tom Hutsell, friend of family, on prayer list, in Louisville with kidneys shutting down


Please be in prayer for family of Helen Milnes, 103 year old mother of Mary Ellen McClelland. Obituary and arrangements can be found at