Faith Tools

Below are resources to help you with your spiritual growth. There are resources for youth and parents.

  • The Bible Project App

    This app will help us explore the movement and themes of scripture together. It has videos, podcasts, and more to help us explore. 

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    Eye Witness Bible Videos

    This website provides dramas recorded from the perspective of prominent characters from scripture. We will watch these each week in our main gathering to help us explore scripture. 

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  • Axis

    Do you feel lost when talking to your teen? Are there topics you find hard to discuss with them? Axis is an amazing resource that helps you know more about the culture your teens are living in and help you foster healthy conversations with your teen about their world and faith. You can use our churches discount code MadisonFamily to get a full membership for just $5.00 a year. If you can’t afford that reach out and we would be happy to sponsor your membership. 

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