Current Study

Below you can access each weeks discussion guide.

  • Advent is an increasingly busy time for everyone. As we remember Christ’s coming as God Incarnate, we want to remember this beautiful historical moment that also points us forward to Christ’s second coming. Each week will be a simple prompt of reading the current week’s scripture and sharing stories, remembering the themes of advent together. 

    Read Jeremiah 33:[10-11]14-18. 

    There is much darkness surrounding the nation of Israel as Jeremiah shares his message. What darkness have you experienced in life, past or present, that has made it difficult to find hope?

    How have you found hope in those difficult times?

    What can we do to clear out the noise of the Christmas season, remember where we have experienced Christ’s Hope, and begin to prepare our hearts to celebrate the arrival of Christ?

    Close sharing in remembering Hope that can only be found in Christ. Pray that God would help everyone make space to remember the Hope of Christ and experience advent together. 

  • The theme of the second week of Advent is Peace. Read this week’s scripture and share stories of remembered peace and dreams for future peace. 

    Share stories of times when you have experienced peace. What made these times peaceful?

    Read Isaiah 40:1-11. What stands out about the context of Isaiah’s message?

    What gets in the way of peace for you today?

    Thinking of the birth of Christ, His death and resurrection, and his second coming, what do you think future peace looks like?

    How can we, in the present moment, experience and look forward to the peace we just discussed?

    Close in prayer, thanking God for the peace in Christ’s birth. Thank Him for the opportunity to hold onto it and look forward to this ultimate peace in His return.